What is it?

Simply put the Tattle•Tale is a hand training device for equestrians!
No matter how long you have been riding you must be able to keep your hands
in the correct "Work Area" and know when and how much rein aid to use to be effective.
The Tattle•Tale does this and also helps riders obtain a straight line from their hands to
the bit. This allows you as the rider to feel for yourself when a mistake is made.
The benefits that you will get from using the Tattle•Tale will depend on how long you
have been riding, your current skill level and if you have access to a qualified instructor. Some of the key benefits that riders experience by using the Tattle•Tale are:

  • Assures that the rider will pay attention to the basics, such as keeping the hands low, together, from pulling too far up, down, back or falling forward.
  • Clear and gentle rein aids, or in other words how to ride with feeling.
  • Learning and executing the five actions of the rein.
  • Protecting your horses mouth, the most sensitive area a horses entire body.
  • Equality in both hands, or overuse of the right or left hand.
  • Increased rider body awareness, not only in the hands but also in the seat and legs.
  • A more secure sense of balance, because the reins cannot be pulled forward by the horse or the arms thrown forward by the rider.
  • A steadier and happier horse that is more accepting of the bit.
  • Awareness of any bouncing or unsteadiness of the hands.
  • Improved performance for competition, due to better riding skills and communication with your horse.

The Tattle•Tale is very simple and easy to use for both English and Western riders. Simply snap it onto the D-rings of your saddle, adjust the wrist straps for individual comfort and it's ready to use. If you ride Western and your saddle does not have D-rings you can also convert it to attach to the pommel without having to modify your saddle.


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